Activated carbon - the everyday hero?

Aktivkohle - Der Alltagsheld?

Activated carbon – hero without a cape 

Having long since arrived in water treatment, as well as ventilation and air conditioning technology, activated carbon is now increasingly conquering our everyday lives. Whether in the morning routine in the bathroom (toothpaste, shower gel), or the evening beer with friends after work (removes unwanted fermentation by-products during production) - activated carbon now has a hand in (almost) everywhere. But what exactly is activated carbon and what makes it so special and versatile?

One wants to say: activated carbon or “Carbo medicinalis” is nothing other than conventional biochar. But it is not that simple. The coal is only “activated” through complex processes and high temperatures. - In these activation processes, a distinction is made between natural gas activation and treatment with vapors and chemicals. The result is the same:

Hollow chambers in the structure of the coal. Due to the increased surface size by up to 500%  The special ability to adsorb dirt particles from their environment or the water (pollutants stick to the surface) is increased to the same extent. By the way: One teaspoon of activated carbon has the incredible surface area of ​​a football field! This makes it our hero in the fight against pollutants of all kinds.

Activated carbon filter with cap(s) made by Medusafilters 

The smoking community should not be denied these benefits of reducing pollutants. Launched at the end of 2018, Medusafilters® has set itself the task of completely turning the filter market on its head. Away from the uniformity of the last few years and onto the new generation of filters.

The finest coconut activated carbon, surrounded by two vegan cellulose caps (Medusacaps) and encased in a cover made of the highest quality cardboard - what sounds like a tasty recipe describes the simple, ingenious filter structure of Medusa.

After countless prototypes of various filter designs, it was primarily in the spirit of the two founders to generate a filter that had the following properties:

  • Highest filtering power of irrelevant components with slow molecular mobility (tar, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides, etc.)
  • Fine, particularly potent activated carbon from the coconut shell and double coarse filtering through two open-pored cellulose caps ensure ideal passage with optimal filtering.

Domestic raw materials and our own production in Germany are a unique selling point and contribute to a positive climate balance in the company.

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