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Enjoy unwinding and smoking your shisha, pipe or bong, but worried about pollution? Don't worry, we have just the thing for you - the premium activated carbon from Medusafilters. Our activated charcoal made from coconut shells not only improves your smoking experience, but also ensures a more pleasant smoke.


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Aktivkohle lose 150 g
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Effective adsorption & numerous areas of application

Activated carbon, also known as super absorbent, has a unique internal surface with tiny pores (micropores) that allows it to effectively adsorb toxins and particles. It reduces the absorption of harmful substances while smoking and ensures a cleaner smoking experience. By using our activated carbon you can get the most out of your shisha, pipe, bong and co. get out.


Sustainable extraction for your enjoyment

Medusafilters activated carbon is sustainably made from coconut shells, making it an environmentally friendly alternative. Our goal is to offer you a product that not only provides a cleaner smoking experience, but also contributes to greater sustainability. Thanks to our careful manufacturing method and strict quality controls, we guarantee you activated carbon with outstanding absorption capacity.

Ideal for every conscious smoker who is looking for a natural and environmentally friendly alternative. No matter whether you prefer your shisha, pipe or bong, our activated carbon offers you clean and worry-free smoking pleasure. And as a bonus, it can even filter water vapor to provide an even more pleasant smoking experience.


Your reliable partner for activated carbon

AtMedusa filterWe are not just a supplier of activated carbon. Rather, we see ourselves as your companion towards a purer and more carefree smoking experience. The variety of products in our online shop goes far beyond pure activated carbon and is specifically tailored to the needs of smokers. Our dedicated team is always ready toto answer your questionsand to support you in your selection.

Switch to Medusafilters today and experience a unique smoking experience with our premium activated carbon. For us, quality, sustainability and customer satisfaction are not just promises, but our daily demands that we want to fulfill to you. With Medusafilters you take your smoking experience into your own hands and make it something special.

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