Activated carbon filter 6mm slim tip size

Which side should the filter be screwed into the paper?

Many people have probably already asked themselves this question, but what is right?
Whether the filter has a right or wrong side depends entirely on the manufacturer.
You should definitely pay more attention to the chunky 9mm filters, as some of them still come with a plastic cap to keep the activated carbon in the tube.
However, with very good activated carbon filters it is now standard that the orientation of the filter is irrelevant.
In order to reliably know whether the filter is in the right place or not, you should also use a simple trick.
- You take the filter between both fingers and now examine both outputs or inputs of the filter.
If both sides of the filter are the same, the orientation doesn't matter and you can decide freely.
- If the two sides are different, you should check the manufacturer's website for further information.