Tips for DIYers with activated carbon filters


Guide to building the perfect joint

Step 1. We now take one of these Long papers at hand. They usually already have a bend in the middle so that you can easily see where the weed will come in later. We place the paper on our rolling tray in preparation

Step 2 . We recommend smoking with an activated carbon filter . On the one hand, this has the advantage that you don't have to build the filter separately. On the other hand, the activated carbon filters out many pollutants and the smoke becomes pleasantly soft and doesn't scratch your throat.

Step 3. If you are a fully equipped gear pro, get your grinder now come out, sit back and enjoy the show. If not, shred your grass by hand.

Step 4. After you have chopped up your grass, you still have to mix it with tobacco or mix with the smoking herbs, you should do this especially if you have particularly sticky, resinous grass. The tobacco and herbs ensure that the joint burns better in the end.

Step 5. After mixing, we now sprinkle our product of tobacco/herbs and grass on top Long paper and make sure there is enough space at one end for the filter and there is enough space at the other end to screw in. We now place the filter at one end and play carefully with the mixture so that it is evenly distributed and slightly compressed. The small embankment in the middle should be a little wider than that  filter because it is compressed when rolling.

Step 6. We now spread the index, middle and ring fingers of our left hand and lay them down Long paper on your fingers and fix it with your left thumb. Now we start rolling the grass into the desired shape, using the filter as a guide for the thickness.

Now comes the hardest part. We'll now start at the end of the filter, that Long paper to turn in. For this we use the tip of our thumb. We now keep rolling until our now almost finished joint has rotated around itself.

Step 7. Now we moisten the glued edge of the Long papers with our tongue and press them together. Alternatively, you can also use a tiny bit of water, but remember that the adhesive surface only needs a very small amount of moisture to stick.

Step 8. It's completely normal to miss a lot of weed and tobacco when building a joint. That's why the use of a construction document is quite practical. We now collect all the leftovers and pour them into the open end of the joint. Now we take our stuffing tool and carefully stuff everything into the joint from above. You really shouldn't use too much force here, because the closer the tobacco and the grass are together, the worse the mixture will burn.

Step 9. We fold the ends of the Long papers now neatly together like a little Christmas present. This ensures that the joint burns evenly.

Step 10. After building your first perfect joint, take a break and send photos of your monumental creation to all your friends (don't forget to tell them about Medusafilters !)

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