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Fermenting cannabis is a crucial and often overlooked step in the post-harvest process. While many growers may not fully realize the importance of this process, it can actually make all the difference in the quality of the weed. [1]. During fermentation, the parts of the plant undergo biochemical changes that can have a positive effect on the taste, aroma and effects of the cannabis [1]. This process allows certain compounds in the plants to transform and evolve, resulting in a richer and more complex sensory experience. Fermentation also makes it possible to break down potentially harmful compounds and reduce undesirable flavors [1]. In addition, fermentation can influence cannabis potency by improving the bioavailability of cannabinoids and terpenes [1].

The most important thing about fermenting cannabis

Why is fermenting cannabis useful?

What is the next step after harvest drying your hemp? Learn how to achieve your dream weed.

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The right time for fermentation

Everything with time! Before you start fermenting, find out about the right time here.

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How can you easily ferment cannabis?

Here we have an uncomplicated guide for you on how you can ferment your harvested cannabis and get a coffee shop-like taste.

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Why is fermenting cannabis useful?

Fermenting cannabis offers a variety of benefits that can significantly impact the quality and experience of the final product. One of the main reasons why fermentation is useful is its ability to improve the taste and aroma of cannabis [1]. During the fermentation process, sugar and chlorophyll in the flowers are broken down, resulting in a smoother and more pleasant smoke [1]. These changes can make the smoking experience significantly more pleasant and help reduce unwanted bitterness or spiciness [1]. Furthermore, fermentation can increase the potency of cannabis by promoting the conversion of non-psychoactive cannabinoid acids into their psychoactive forms [1]. This process can help enhance the overall effects of the cannabis and create a more intense experience for the consumer [1]. Another important benefit of fermentation is its ability to extend the shelf life of cannabis [1]. By reducing the risk of mold and bacterial growth, fermentation can help maintain the quality and integrity of cannabis over time [1]. This is particularly important for growers and consumers who want to store cannabis for long periods of time without losing quality [1].

New regulations in Germany from April 2024:

From April 1, 2024, a new legal framework for dealing with cannabis will apply in Germany. This change will legalize the possession of up to 25 grams of cannabis for personal use and the cultivation of up to three cannabis plants. In addition, communal cultivation in so-called cannabis clubs will be possible under strict conditions. For further information, please visit the official website of the German Bundestag .

The right time for fermentation

The point at which fermentation is initiated marks a critical turning point in the cannabis post-processing process [2]. Fine-tuning this timing requires careful observation of the flowers. After the cannabis flowers have gone through the drying process, they should appear dry on the outside while there is still some residual moisture on the inside [2]. Another indication of readiness for fermentation is the flexibility of the stems; if these can be easily bent without breaking, this indicates the optimal moisture content required for fermentation to begin [2]. Controlling moisture throughout the fermentation process is critical. An even distribution of moisture within the flowers is essential to ensure successful fermentation [2]. An imbalance in moisture regulation can promote the growth of mold or interfere with the fermentation process. It is therefore of paramount importance to ensure precise moisture control to create optimal conditions for fermentation [2].

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How can you easily ferment cannabis?

You can read a comprehensive guide on how to easily ferment cannabis here:

cannabis nach ernte trocknen und fermentieren vorbereitung

Preparation for fermentation

Thorough drying of cannabis flowers is crucial to create optimal conditions for the fermentation process. This means that the outer parts of the flowers should be dry while there is still a slight moisture inside. An indication of the optimal degree of drying is when the stems can be bent without breaking directly.

richtige behälter glas plastik dose für cannabis fermentiert getrocknet

Choosing the right container

Airtight glass containers are best suited for fermentation [3]. These containers allow controlled moisture regulation inside and make it easier to monitor the fermentation process [3].

cannabis getrocknet in glas behälter fermentieren und aufbewahren haltbarkeit

Filling the containers

The dried cannabis flowers should be filled loosely into the glass containers [3]. It is important not to press the flowers too hard to ensure good air circulation and an even distribution of humidity [3].

cannabis gras marihuana lagerung glasbehälter


The filled containers should be stored in a cool and dark place [3]. The ideal temperature for fermentation is between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius to create optimal conditions for the fermentation process [3].

luftaustausch burping cannabis lagerung

Air exchange (“burping”)

During the first few days of fermentation, it is crucial to open the containers daily to release excess moisture and let in fresh air [3]. This process, known as "burping" [3], helps prevent mold formation and promotes uniform fermentation. After the first week, the frequency of opening can be reduced [3].

cannabis gras beobachten und dauer haltbarkeit

Observation and duration

Regularly checking the condition of the cannabis flowers is essential during the fermentation process. Look for signs of mold or unwanted odors [3]. Fermentation can take anywhere from two weeks to several months depending on personal preference and goals [3].

By carefully implementing this simple method, hobby growers can effectively ferment their cannabis flowers for an improved smoking experience. Patience and careful observation are keys to the success of this process.

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Frequently asked questions about cannabis

Fermenting cannabis can significantly improve the taste, aroma, and potency of the final product. Biochemical changes during fermentation can reduce unwanted flavors and enhance the overall effects of the cannabis.

Fermentation can improve the taste and aroma of cannabis, increase potency, and extend shelf life by breaking down harmful compounds and inhibiting the growth of mold and bacteria.

The optimal time for fermentation is when the cannabis flowers are dry on the outside but still slightly moist on the inside. This is often indicated by some flexibility in the stems.

To ferment cannabis, the dried flowers should be placed loosely in airtight glass containers and stored in a cool, dark place. For the first few days, containers should be opened daily to release excess moisture.

The length of fermentation can vary from two weeks to several months depending on personal preference and goals. During this time, it is important to regularly check the condition of the cannabis flowers to detect any signs of mold or unwanted odors.


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