What is a joint?

Sometimes it's hard not to lose track, so in this post we'll go through the big picture of the joint. What is it all about and what subspecies are there?

A joint is defined as a usually hand-rolled cigarette that consists (at least in parts) of cannabis. There are different versions of the joint, such as the blunt and the spliff. These differ not only in content, but also in appearance. While a blunt is filled exclusively with finely ground cannabis and smoked in tobacco paper (widespread in the USA), the spliff is a mixture of marijuana and tobacco (widespread in Europe), which is primarily smoked in a thin paper. Rolled into a fine paper and provided with a proper Medusa filter - this is how we imagine the perfect joint. You can now also buy pre-rolled joints, which then just need to be filled and stuffed.

A "normal" looking (conical) joint also has a lot of playful, creative options - so feel free to vary it. As an extension of this and for special occasions, or simply to showcase your own skills, there are, among other things, the tulip joint, the cross joint and, for the very special challenge, the windmill joint. Feel free to try it out afterwards. The desired result is probably always the same in all of these variants - being stoned.

Definition of a blunt

A blunt is a special type of cigar used in the context of tobacco or cannabis consumption. The name originally comes from a famous cigar brand called "Blunts", which was known for its wide and short shape. However, in general, any thicker type of cigar is referred to as a blunt. A blunt is made by emptying a cigar and then filling it with hashish or marijuana (usually several grams). Compared to traditional cigarettes or joints, blunts have a slower burn rate, which is why they are often used for social smoking. The blunt's casing is made of tobacco leaves or reconstituted tobacco leaf, resulting in a stronger flavor and smoking experience. Filters are often not used. The consumption of blunts is controversial and even illegal in many countries. However, in the USA they are the most popular way of consuming cannabis. In addition to the general health risks of smoking, consuming blunts poses specific risks and is only intended for die-hard stoners.

Definition of a tobacco joint/spliff

A tobacco joint, also known as a "spliff", refers to a hand-rolled cigarette that contains both tobacco and THC - hemp. In general, the tobacco is used to aid the burning process and produce a milder taste, while the cannabis is responsible for a psychoactive effect. The spliff is particularly popular in Europe, where it is often the preferred way to consume cannabis. Typically you smoke weed with a tip or an activated carbon filter. An activated carbon filter not only filters much better, but also increases the stability of the joint immensely.

How was the joint able to prevail over other consumption options?

It is the most popular way to consume cannabis, but why is that?

We're trying to shed some light into the darkness, even though there's probably a lot going on on an emotional level here.

The moment: It's not just the smoking itself, but the creation of a very special moment. Grind the grass and fill it into the paper, insert the filter, lick it and close it. Light the fire and enjoy - preferably in good company. This is different from, for example, a vaporizer, which only produces a small amount of smoke and has to be constantly pre-charged. By the way, you can find out how you can roll a perfect joint in 7 simple steps here

The flexibility: Easy to take with you anywhere, you don't need to pack much for a fun evening out. Unlike what would be the case with a bong, for example. All you need are papes and filters. No annoying cleaning or recharging necessary.

The feeling of togetherness: This feeling cannot be topped when consuming cannabis with a joint. Passing around a joint is a lot more magical than passing around a hashish pipe, which also burns very inconsistently.

The magic of smoking: Humanity has been smoking for centuries. Christopher Columbus reported tobacco consumption around 1492. It brings a certain magic and nostalgia that's hard to put into words, but still keeps people smoking to this day. This feeling stays away when you consume edibles, for example.

These and certainly other very individual preferences ensure that the joint has become an integral part of cannabis consumption and is the undisputed number one.

Finally, it should also be clarified for you which consumption option is best for you.

So which is the right method?

Although spliffs and blunts share some similarities, they are certainly suitable for different situations. Spliffs are great for the hasty smoker or someone looking for a quick and unobtrusive high. Their quick preparation and uncomplicated nature make them the ideal choice for such occasions.

Blunts, on the other hand, are definitely better for special moments and less ideal when you're on the go or looking for a quick kick. They are the cigars of the marijuana world and require time, focus and the right technical know-how to make them worthwhile and memorable.

In the end it depends on you as a consumer and your preferences.

Frequently asked questions about the joint

A joint is a cigarette rolled with a mixture of cannabis and tobacco. The mixture is rolled in a cigarette paper and then smoked. Joints are common in many cultures and are often consumed in social contexts.

A blunt is similar to a joint, but the main difference is the paper used to roll it. Blunts are rolled with tobacco or cigar leaves or with specially made, tobacco-free blunt packaging. They are often larger than regular joints and therefore may contain more cannabis.

A spliff is essentially a cross between a joint and a cigarette. It contains both cannabis and tobacco and is usually rolled in the same way as a joint. Historically, the term originated in Europe and specifically refers to a joint that is mixed with tobacco.

The main difference between these three types of cannabis cigarettes is how they are rolled and the materials used. A blunt is rolled with a cigar leaf or special blunt wraps and usually only contains cannabis. A joint, on the other hand, is rolled in cigarette paper and usually consists of a mixture of cannabis and tobacco. A spliff is similar to a joint, but contains a filter, which is unusual for joints.

The term "joint" originally comes from English and goes back to the French word "joindre", which means "to connect" or "to link". In the context of cannabis, the term joint only became popular in the early 20th century to describe a rolled marijuana cigarette.

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