7 easy steps to the perfect joint

Defining a Perfect Joint: The Art of Rolling

Rolling a joint has now become a true art form! A conical shape is just as important as the content itself. It should be well and evenly filled, because the ideal joint burns evenly, has a nice structure (mixing ratio between tobacco and hemp) and is wonderfully pleasant to smoke. A high-quality activated carbon filter can further improve the smoking experience. If it's wrinkle-free like I was in my best days, then there's practically nothing standing in the way of your enjoyment.

It is now available in a wide variety of designs - from the classic to very unusual variants, such as the tulip joint, cross joint and the windmill joint. In this blog post, however, we would like to look at the everyday “standard joint” and show you how easy it can be to roll the best joint.

It should be said that no master builder has ever fallen from heaven; this requires some practice. So grab your notepad and let’s get started:

Step 1: Preparation is half the battle - What you need to roll a perfect joint

First of all, you should have a few essential things ready. This includes:

1. The right rolling paper

Bleached, unbleached, king size, queen size or endless paper. What may seem a bit overwhelming at first is ultimately just a question of individual preference. However, for beginners it is advisable to pay attention to the thickness of the paper. Note: The thicker it is, the more tear-resistant and easier it is to roll a solid joint at the beginning. In these instructions we use “unbleached king size papers” from Medusafilters.

2. Quality cannabis buds

It's the inner values ​​that matter. This saying has never been more appropriate, because in order to build the perfect joint, you obviously also need suitable buds. A quality feature is a fresh, fruity cannabis smell and a strong green color. This indicates proper drying. If it smells a bit musty, you should stay away from it - mold and other contamination can pose health risks. There are also big differences from variety to variety when it comes to strength (THC concentration). The best thing to do here is to get advice from a reputable source, such as your pharmacy or cannabis club.

3. A ceramic or metal grinder

Here, too, there are far-reaching differences that affect your later grinding results. It is therefore not advisable to use a plastic grinder. This will crush your flowers instead of cutting them cleanly. Some trichomes remain in the grinder and your desired effect is somewhat minimized. So it's better to invest in a high-quality grinder. Alternatively, you can use your fingers or a grinder card.

4. A high-quality activated carbon filter

Your future smoking experience depends on the right choice of your filter. Place this instead of a self-twisted tip to experience the difference. Pollutant-reducing, permanently cooling smoke, clog-proof and environmentally friendly are the keywords that you should keep in mind when making your assessment. If we're talking about perfection, your demands on the filter should be at least the same. We recommend the "Medusa filter", which filters out all particles and pollutants from the smoke before you inhale it.

Medusa filters

Step 2: Crush the weed

First, make sure your bud is dry enough, otherwise it will make grinding it in the grinder even more difficult. Then take about a whole gram of your best cannabis and crush it a little with your hands. Then you throw the whole thing into the grinder, close the lid and start rotating the top (make sure you have the right grinder). He will make the weed so small that it will fit perfectly into your papers later. And voila, your perfectly chopped smoking material is ready.

Why does grinding have to be done at all? It ensures even combustion and lets you perceive the taste and smell even better. So you get the most out of it that way. And who wants to waste anything, right?

Step 3: Prepare the filter

Simply take a business card or a tip pad to build a permeable tip filter. All you have to do is fold cardboard paper a few times to get a cardboard roll with an “M” on the inside. However, if you turn it unevenly, it may fall out later. Even better: Use an activated carbon filter according to the size of your joint. For Kingsize Papes we recommend a thin diameter of 6mm to get a nice funnel shape later and to avoid slipping out.

Step 4: Add the weed and filter to the paper

How to best position the crushed marijuana and filter:

For optimal positioning of weed and filter when rolling, there are a few steps you should follow. The first step is to spread the weed evenly on the rolling paper. This ensures that there are no unwanted “canoeing” effects when burning, meaning that one side of the joint burns faster than the other. The filter is ideally positioned at one end of the sheet, depending on how you want to roll, on the right or left. Make sure the filter is secure and doesn't fall out when shooting. You can also insert the filter into a small fold of the paper to make sure it stays in place. Finally, the sticky side should be on top so that you can lightly moisten it as you go along and roll the joint. With a little practice, this routine becomes child's play and ensures a perfect smoking experience.

Step 5: This is how you roll the perfect joint

Rolling the perfect joint is an art, but one that can be mastered. To do this, pick up your filled paper and start twisting the paper around the mixture until it takes on a sausage-like shape. Be particularly careful so that it doesn't tear. The best way to do this is to use your index fingers and thumbs.

Tip: If you moisten your fingers a little beforehand, you will have more grip and will find it much easier to roll (use your saliva for this).

Also, make sure you apply even pressure to achieve a consistent thickness of your joint. One hand on the filter, the other directly on the paper, so you have a good feel for how thick it can be and can adjust your pressure accordingly. Keep the paper under tension at all times. This ensures that your joint burns consistently later. Pressure determines whether you build a candle or a cylinder.

Admittedly, it takes some practice to roll the perfect joint, so don't worry if your first attempts go wrong. Just don't give up, champ - heaven awaits you!

Step 6: How to properly lick and seal your joint

Once you have successfully rolled your joint, perhaps the most important step comes: sealing it properly so that the joint holds together well and guarantees an optimal smoking experience. First, lightly moisten the open end of the joint where the adhesive strip is located. The easiest way to do this is to lick it with your tongue. It is important that you do not use too much spit, otherwise the adhesive strip will lose its function and the joint could fall apart. After you have moistened your joint, the adhesive strip must be carefully screwed in. It is important that the adhesive strip is pressed evenly and firmly to ensure a perfect seal. Finally, the joint is pressed tightly to ensure it holds together well and is ready to smoke. Again, make sure not to lose the tension in the paper during the entire process, otherwise you run the risk of losing the filter.

Step 7: Stuff and close

To do this, take the removable wheel of a bong lighter or the barrel of a pen and insert it into the opening. Build up some pressure and press your mixture firmly so that nothing can fall out when you turn it around. Then twist the remaining cardboard to make your joint transportable. Tada!! You are ready for what is now really the final step.

Bonus step: enjoyment (pure)

Light the joint evenly and enjoy in the best surroundings.

Frequently asked questions about rolling the right joint

To roll the perfect joint, you'll need several basic ingredients and tools. This includes rolling paper, a grinder to crush the cannabis buds, activated carbon filters and of course cannabis buds themselves. You will also need a lighter to light and enjoy the joint.

A grinder is very important because it helps grind the weed. Crushing the buds increases the surface area of ​​the weed, resulting in better combustion, greater potency, and more consistent smoke.

After the weed is crushed and the filter is prepared, you should add the weed and filter into papers. Make sure the weed is evenly distributed across the paper and the filter lines up with the edge of the paper. Then you can move on to the next step, which is turning.

Rolling the joint requires some skill. You should fold the rolling paper in half into a small well and pour in the shredded weed. Then fold the paper around the weed and roll it up tightly before wetting the tape and sealing the joint.

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