How do you roll a cross joint?

Not only does it look incredibly crazy and a little bit holy, no, it also allows the consumer to smoke 3 standard joints at the same time. The cross joint (also called cross joint).

How can you easily recreate this rarity? We give you instructions in 5 simple steps.

What we need:

⇨ A Medusa filter

⇨ At least four papers (better still, endless papers)

⇨ Sufficient, finely chopped cannabis (2-3 grams should be enough)

⇨ A toothpick or something similar

Step 1: Lay the foundation

In order to wrap a cross joint, we first need two joints of different sizes. These form the basis for our later cross. It's important to note that we need a small joint (top cross) and a large joint (as a column) - so use a double long paper (or endless paper) for this. If possible, the large one should also be somewhat conical in shape, which makes it easier to merge later. It is also important to mention that the small joint does not require any additional filters - all you need to do is press or twist it on both sides. With the larger one you can install a tip or, better yet, an activated carbon filter on one side.

Note: The more different the two joints are in size, the better it is to combine the two later. Feel free to try it out a little, you will quickly understand why that is the case.

Step 2: The impressive wedding

I'm sure you're excited to see what happens next, so I won't torture you any further. It comes carefully to the intersection! That is, almost. First you need your toothpick or another sharp object (needle, paper clip). Now use this to poke a hole in the paper (all the way through) about three-quarters of the way up the large joint. With even, circular movements, your task is to expand the hole to the size of the diameter of the small joint. It's helpful to stay relaxed here and may require a little practice. Done? Respect! Don't put the little joint in yet, though. Instead, quickly move on to step 3.

Step 3: The often forgotten step

Because before you can cross the two joints, there is still a tiny but crucial detail missing. Take the thin joint to your chest. Aim at the middle and use your sharp object to pierce all the way through to the other side. Why? This will ensure you get a good draft later and avoid the smoke dissipating mainly in the sunset. But be extremely careful here too, otherwise the ends could break.

Step 4: Now for real

Time for some magic!

The moment we've all been waiting for - we're finally bringing the two joints together. To do this, position the small joint so that the holes are aligned vertically to the base joint. The air must be able to flow through here later. You should be particularly careful not to simply press, but instead to make slightly twisting movements in order to get it through as undamaged as possible.

Step 5: The finishing touches

Are you wondering what’s still missing? I say - not much more! Finally, grab two additional long papers and use their adhesive strips by cutting them off. They will serve as insulation for you later. Wrap it around both ends, i.e. around the exit points of the smaller one from the larger one, to seal them. Here again, be particularly gentle and patient - it is an important step towards the perfect smoking experience.

Now you are finally ready to impress your entire circle of friends with the crossjoint you have created. Tasty and big enough for an entire football team - that's it. The Cross Joint.

By the way, you will actually have to call your friends to enjoy it, after all it ideally requires 3 lighters to light it properly. Have a happy high.

Frequently asked questions about the cross joint

A few specific items are necessary for a cross joint. First, you will need at least three papers, one smaller and one larger joint, that have filter tips built into them to improve the airflow of the joint and prevent tobacco or weed from getting into your mouth. Of course you also need grass. The amount can vary depending on how strong you want your joint to be. A grinder and a sharp object (needle) are also needed.

A cross joint is technically more demanding than a normal joint. With a regular joint, all you have to do is chop up the weed, spread it evenly on one of the narrow sides of the paper, and then roll the joint. However, a cross joint involves twisting an additional, smaller joint and then piercing it through the larger joint to create a shape of a cross. This requires precise placement and precise rotation to ensure airflow flows correctly through both joints.

The amount of weed needed depends on the size of the joint and the user's preference. A cross joint involves two separate joints that come together in the shape of a cross, so it typically requires more weed than a regular joint. A good start would be around 1.0 to 1.5 grams.

The larger joint for a cross joint is usually rolled like a regular joint. However, the second largest joint should be thinner. After rolling the two joints, the larger one should have a solid center area through which the smaller joint can be poked. Be sure to carefully push the smaller joint through the larger one to avoid tearing the paper.

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