How do you roll a tulip joint?

A tried and tested Amsterdam joint that's guaranteed to blow your mind. This simple guide is broken down into 3 steps to give you a better overview of how to roll this joint. You have to try this.

What we need:

⇨ Sufficient, finely chopped cannabis (2-3 grams should be enough)

⇨ At least 4 papers (3 for installation, 1 for the adhesive edge)

⇨ Long filter sleeve or an activated carbon filter

Step 1: Build the funnel for your tulip

Let's start with the tulip bud. To do this, simply grab two king-size papers and make a large one out of them by using an adhesive side to stick them together. If you want, you can make the head even bigger by gluing four or more leaves together in the middle. The bigger the bud, the more impressive the tulip! Just make sure you put a neat square together.
Then fold one side of your square onto the opposite side, which should create a triangle. Leave the top adhesive strip free. Now wet the strip that was left open and gently fold it over, sealing your funnel. Now you can open the still closed triangle and you have your funnel shape. When filling with your favorite type of grass, please make sure that you leave enough space at the top so that you can close it easily later.

Tip: Stuff the funnel as tightly as possible so that it can burn down as quickly as possible later.

Step 2: Build the (best) style for your tulip

There are different methods to build the style of the tulip. Often you simply hang a long filter on the funnel. Only the head is smoked. In our example we don't use a cardboard tube, but a joint. This has the advantage that not only the “head” but also the “body” can be smoked. Even the last stoner will definitely get their money's worth here. So build a standard joint that's a little longer than usual. When you're done, stuff it tightly and clip away the part of the paper at the top that you don't need. Leave it open!

Step 3: The marriage between funnel and style

Simply unbeatable together!
So place the joint in your funnel with the opening first and wrap the rest of the funnel paper around it. Using the remaining adhesive strips, attach the joint to the bud. Be very careful here and make sure that no gaps or large wrinkles remain. Then you grab adhesive strips from a few other papers, moisten them and attach them by squeezing them firmly at the point where the funnel and joint come together. Alternatively, you can also tie a knot. This is for additional security so that your tulip head stays tight and nothing can fall out later. Then cut away the funnel paper that sticks out and looks like a skirt. Now you can light and toke the flower, just like you would with a regular joint. enjoy

Will we include you in the premier class? But yeah

Frequently asked questions about the tulip joint

Various materials are required to build a perfect tulip joint. Basically, you need papers, filters, a sufficient amount of weed and optionally a rolling paper roll to start the process.

A tulip joint differs significantly from a normal joint in its construction. While a normal joint only requires a single paper and some weed, the tulip joint is more complex and requires more materials and skill. Here are the instructions.

It is recommended that the weed be distributed evenly throughout the paper to ensure an even burn and to fully showcase the flavor of the weed.

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